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About Everguard Home Insulation


Everguard Insulation has been a family business since 1959. Today, 50 years and three generations later, we’re proud of our contribution to the community, economy and environment. We help people save money on their utility bills while also enjoying a more comfortable home in both summer and winter. We also take pride in helping the environment and doing our part towards energy conservation and making the planet a greener place for generations to come.

Everguard is licensed, bonded and fully insured. We have absolutely no complaints with the Better Business Bureau, League of California Homeowners or the Contractors State License Board. We’re also top-rated with many private services as well. You may notice our license number, #224328. We’ve been around and we’re very proud of our outstanding record. We provide top-service at guaranteed low prices!

Everguard Insulation Truck


We specialize in the insulating of existing homes, also referred to as retrofit. Our experience and equipment allow us to handle difficult and custom installations. We’re proud of our innovative methods and feel we offer more experience than any other company. Also, we don’t do windows, roofing, siding or any other trade, just insulation!

Our success is based on customer satisfaction: competitive pricing, great products and outstanding service. We place a lifetime guarantee on all our work. Also, a family member or partner in the business will be working at your home, we do not subcontract or use guys off the corner. We answer our phones, return calls, show-up on time and make certain our work is done right. While other companies may have owners on the golf course, revolving salesmen with no hands-on experience that are working off a commission rate, and workers who are visiting our country on a temporary basis, we don’t operate that way… and that is entirely why we’re top-rated.

Insulation offers several benefits. Beside saving money on your energy bills and having a more comfortable home, you’re also making a significant contribution towards helping the environment. A well insulated home means less natural gas burned, less coal combusted, less uranium used and as much as 2,000 pounds less emissions released into our environment each year! The money you save on your bills becomes income you can spend elsewhere and thusly helps our economy. Insulation, particularly cellulose, also helps with our recycling efforts. We all win. Whether you use our company or another, please insulate your home, it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Thank you for taking the time to read this.