There are many different types and applications when it comes to soundproofing. Our service involves drilling holes in walls, ceilings or floors and injecting insulation into hollow cavities/bays. We typically soundproof between rooms for musicians, doctors, lawyers or between residential units where neighbors don’t want to hear each other. We have provided soundproofing for some of the most prestigious recording studios, as well as offices and private residences alike.

Soundproofing is not like waterproofing. With waterproofing there is no transfer of water at all. Soundproofing can not totally eliminate all noise, only reduce it. Results vary and we can not offer any guarantees on performance.

The process is similar to wall insulation; holes are drilled and insulation material injected. With soundproofing we compress as much material into the cavity as possible. The material we use, along with our machinery and application techniques allow us to install 35-40% more material then many other companies can. Not all wall insulation processes are the same.

We often receive calls from unhappy people explaining that they can hear sound clearly coming through the walls between them and their neighbors. In condominiums, townhomes and apartment buildings we very often discover the wall already contains fiberglass insulation. While this material is good for thermal purposes, it’s sadly ineffective for soundproofing. Unfortunately, we can not blow or inject additional insulation into walls or ceiling that already contain insulation.


People often insist the walls or ceilings MUST be hollow and empty of insulation, but time and again we have traveled to these jobs to find existing insulation material already in the wall, even in places built in the 1930’s. Please take the time to make a hole and thoroughly inspect your walls/ceilings to make certain it’s empty. If you have material already in the walls, we can not add more.

If you already have existing insulation in your walls or ceilings, you have 3 choices. You can live with it and just know you explored your options OR we can have a drywall contractor remove a 1-foot section horizontally across the wall and remove the fiberglass insulation thus rendering the wall empty so we can come in and do our work OR you can have a drywall contractor apply additional layers of soundproofing material onto the wall. We can only help you with the insulation injection method.

One quick note: we do not have pipe insulation, egg-carton absorbent material or foams that are applied onto surfaces. We have nothing for automobiles, ovens, speakers or jacuzzi’s. All we offer is cellulose insulation injected into walls, ceilings or floors. We basically fill empty cavities with our soundproofing insulation.

Unfortunately, most places built in the 1970’s or newer tend to have fiberglass insulation installed in their walls or ceiling and we can not inject additional insulation into these cavities. The best thing to do is check the wall or ceiling to see if there is existing insulation